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  • Plethora is distributed globally through our international partners with adaptive business models. 
  • Plethora can be used at schools, enrichment programs, home schooling and self-learning
  • We support local and international events and championships
  • Plethora is a web-based platform that requires no coding background from the teachers
  • We provide a dashboard that lets you build and organize your local partners and users’ community.

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    Why should you partner with Plethora?

    • Our vision is to become a global learning platform where teachers and students apply Computational Thinking to learn STEM with gamified challenges and content contributed by the Plethora community.
    • Join us on our way to turn the vision into reality.
    • Contact us to find more about our platform and various ways to collaborate.

    This is what they say …

    You tell the shapes what to do, you have to arrange and see what happens

    Lee, 4th grade student

    Plethora is extremely unique since it develops problem solving and computational thinking without the need for coding

    Iris Zur Bargury, The Israeli Ministry of Education

    It was amazing how much the students love Plethora. Everyone was good at the game, also the students who have difficulties in the core subjects were great. They wanted to play only that!

    Yael, 4th grade math teacher