Teaching Computational Thinking may sound challenging, but we make it easy!

  • Our mission is to teach students the foundations of Computational Thinking so they can use them in every aspect of their life Watch video.
  • Plethora is formally certified by CS4All as aligned with K12 CS Framework. Read more.
  • Plethora fits hybrid learning perfectly. 
  • Access professional and intuitive step-by-step lesson plans
  • Monitor classes and students’ progress with our educators’ dashboard

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    Designed for Educators

    Plethora was designed to help teachers from all fields teach Computational Thinking without any additional training. Learn more.

    We teach computational thinking, not coding. Learn about the difference.

    Plethora was chosen by the Israeli Ministry of Education for all students in 4th-9th grade during Covid-19.

    Once registered, we provide you with our step-by-step lesson plans, examples, topics for discussions, and report cards. Our enthusiastic team will also support your implementation process.

    The platform was created by computer science and education experts from The Weizmann Institute of Science and is highly recommended by The Israeli Ministry of Education. Learn more.

    Developing skills for the 21st Century

    Lesson Plans

    Our lesson plans include unplugged activities and real-life examples, followed by practicing our online course and guidelines for classroom discussions.

    Levels Studio

    Special lesson plans are dedicated to creating new challenges, encouraging students to collaborate and contribute to classroom discussions.

    Classroom Management

    Use our dashboard to manage your class and analyze single student’s performance, as well as class trends.

    You tell the shapes what to do, you have to arrange and see what happens

    Lee, 4th grade student

    Plethora is extremely unique since it develops problem solving and computational thinking without the need for coding

    Iris Zur Bargury, The Israeli Ministry of Education

    It was amazing how much the students love Plethora. Everyone was good at the game, also the students who have difficulties in the core subjects were great. They wanted to play only that!

    Yael, 4th grade math teacher