Coding is great. Thinking is unlimited.

Plethora uses gamification to teach students the foundations of Computational Thinking so they can use them in every aspect of their life. Watch video.

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Practicing Plethora
increases logical reasoning
performance by 40% and
self-competency by 12%


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Solve challenges while learning computer science concepts in class or at home


Create & Share

Create levels and share them with your classmates or our international community


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Improve problems-solving skills and competency levels

You tell the shapes what to do, you have to arrange and see what happens

Lee, 4th grade student

Plethora is extremely unique since it develops problem solving and computational thinking without the need for coding

Iris Zur Bargury, The Israeli Ministry of Education

It was amazing how much the students love Plethora. Everyone was good at the game, also the students who have difficulties in the core subjects were great. They wanted to play only that!

Yael, 4th grade math teacher